Recent Random Photos on a {mostly} Wordless Wednesday . . .

Contemplating life after eating a popsicle.
Giving her babies a bath in the kiddie pool.

We had two visitors sitting on our pool ledge last week. 
They've been back a couple of times but I haven't seen them recently.  The male has a band around his leg and I wonder if he belongs to someone but flew the coop when his girlfriend came along.  : )
Mr. Bigglesworth aka Boo Man aka Biggles aka Biggie Smalls.  The list goes on!!
Mr. Bigglesworth's idea of lounging by the poolside.
He can't resist playing with Megan!!
A bike ride with Daddy and her friend, Cybele, on a recent beautiful day.  We've been blessed to have lots of those here in New York this spring!!  : )

 Many blessings for a beautiful Wednesday ~ Wendy

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