Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!! . . .

We've been in the grips of a heat wave here in New York for the better part of a week.  It's been in the 90's and horribly humid.  It's supposed to finally break on Saturday with bad storms coming in the afternoon. 

 We've been keeping cool in the pool with friends . . .

 . . .  and cousins.

This past weekend, we were invited to a birthday party for one of the little boys that Megan goes to daycare with.  His name is Robby (I wrote about him on Megan's birthday and shared that I secretly hope he and Meggie get married someday!!)

The birthday boy, Robby.  Is he beautiful or what??
Sadly, we recently found out that Robby and his family are moving back to his mother's hometown in England in August.  We are truly going to miss this wonderful family but wish them all the best in their new life across the pond!!

The party was held at a wonderful little park a few towns over from ours.  There was a pavilion with lots of shade.  There was also a playground with lots of sun and, you guessed it, swings!!  And, of course, Megan would have been on the swings the entire time if we had let her. 

 Thankfully, I have a husband that doesn't mind pushing his "princess" on the swings while sweating his butt off. 

 And, thankfully, we brought along these two "brothers from other mothers" (as they call each other) to help out with only a little hemming and hawing on their part.

Our "adopted" son, Jakhai, who is with us thru the Fresh Air Fund for the whole month of July.  I can't begin to tell you how much we adore him and his family!!!!!!!!!  This is our third summer with him.  He's growing into a handsome young man and was just accepted into a Charter School in NYC!!  Way to go, Jakhai!!!!!!

 When it was my turn to push Megan, she wanted nothing to do with me taking any pictures of her.  When I tell you she had a smile on her face as long as I was pushing her and started to cry the minute my hands left the swing to pick up my camera I'm NOT kidding!!!  LOL!!!

Serious drama going on here!!!! : )
 My Irish skin and I can only take so much sun and heat and I was finally able to lure her back to the pavilion with the promise of a lollipop.

Meg and her BFF Cybele.
Sweaty AND sticky!!
 Everyone had such a great time and we're going to all get together in our backyard to continue the party tomorrow night!!  : )

 I wanted to share this one last photo.  This is the sunset we were blessed with after the birthday party.  We've been seeing these every night since the heat wave started.  I guess it's Mother Nature's way of telling us to hang in there until the end of the day because it will all be worth it.  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful and peaceful Thursday ~ Wendy

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Judy Beltrez said...

Wendy, you have beautiful children! God bless your family :)