Around Here Lately and a Sunday Saying . . .

It's so hard to believe we're just a week away from Labor Day weekend and two weeks away from the start of school again!!  This has been such a wonderful summer and I'm kind of sorry that it's coming to such a rapid end.  Normally, I can't wait for fall because it means cooler weather but this year Mother Nature has apparently listened to my prayers and turned the usual sweltering August in New York into a month filled with hardly any humidity and way-below-normal temperatures.  It's actually been a pleasure to spend time outside and this weekend we visited the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, NY.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!!

Petting a bunny.

My mother-in-law spotted this Praying Mantis in a bush and then we saw another one.  Definitely a rare find around these parts!!

My handsome son, Brendan, who was in his glory with all of the animals and farming activities going on.

My nephew, Andre.

Ever since seeing an episode of "Caillou" where he eats cotton candy Megan has been asking for some.  She finally got her wish.

And, boy, was she HAPPY!!!!!

My nephew Jason enjoying some, too!!

Cool Dude, Andre!!!

I absolutely loved this!!!!!!

My handsome father-in-law. 

A piglet.  I SOOOO wanted to bring one home!!!!  My husband put his foot down on that one.  : )

Just a couple of days old.  I loved her eye lashes!!

My darling son photo-bombing me.

 We're already looking forward to returning next year.  There was so much to do and see AND EAT!!!  Next weekend, we're headed to the New Paltz Craft Fair which is a yearly end-of-summer tradition that we look forward to every year.

Now for a Sunday Saying . . .


Amen to that!!  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Sunday filled with happiness ~ Wendy

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