Trick or Treating at Last . . .

 For the last two years, Halloween was basically a bust here in the northeast.  Two years ago we had a freak snowstorm and last year we had a little something called Hurricane Sandy.  CRAZY!!!  And three years ago, Megan slept thru Halloween.

Halloween 2010.
  This year, we were bound and determined to get out there and finally TRICK OR TREAT!!!

Megan and her friend, Sophie.
We met at Megan's daycare provider's house and all the little friends walked around together.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends that we've met thru daycare.  The kids all get along beautifully and so do the parents.  : )

Cybele and her beautiful Mama, Ophie.
The coolest costume of the night went to Louisa!!
Baby James trick or treating for the very first time!!
My pretty princess!!
Sophie (who we just found out on Halloween is going to be a BIG sister!!!).
A face in the window!!
The three amigas!!
Cybele digging into her loot!!
I just loved this house!!!!!!
I also chaired the middle school's Halloween Social this year.  We had more than 150 kids sign up and most of them actually wore costumes!!  : )  We raised just shy of $1000.00 for the PTA!!  It was a lot of work but so wonderful to see as it all came together. 

Brendan participating in the donut-eating contest which, needless to say, was a huge hit!!!
Brendan and his buddy, Liam, at the Halloween Social.  I love this photo!!

 Megan is already talking about what she wants to be next year.  I think she caught the Halloween bug that her Mama has!!!  So glad Mother Nature took a nap this year!!  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Monday and a wonderful week ~ Wendy

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