'twas not to be on a mostly "Wordless Wednesday" . . .

This past Sunday morning, I got up bright and early (not too hard to do when you've just gained an hour thanks to "falling back"!!),  threw on my sweater and scarf over my jammies, grabbed my camera and drove down to Memorial Park in downtown Nyack to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse.  Unfortunately, there was too much cloud coverage for it to be seen but I was able to take a few other photos of the sights and sounds of the early morning.

 Memorial Park is nestled along the banks of the Hudson River.  It's a popular spot in the warmer weather but was very quiet at 6:30 on a blustery Sunday morning.  : )

The ever-present seagulls were waiting for their next meal and were disappointed to learn it wasn't going to come from me!!  : )  The beautiful foliage in the background is on the Westchester side of the river.  Even though it's past peak at this point, it's still so beautiful.
Some houses along the river. 
A blustery autumn sky.

These "luxury" townhouses were built in the early 1990's (if I remember correctly).  There were lots of unhappy people when they were first built.  Definitely didn't fit in with the small-town feel of the rest of the village of Nyack. 

 At the very end of the time frame for the eclipse, I did manage to catch a glimpse of the sun when the clouds broke just a little bit.  What a tease that Mother Nature can be sometimes!!!  Oh well . . .  maybe next time!!

Many blessings for a beautiful Wednesday ~ Wendy

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Darcel {MahoganyWayMama} said...

These photos are stunning! I love the ones of the houses and trees.