Another Wintry Day in New York . . .

Today the kids have yet another snow day!!  We got the call last night. It's actually a mix of snow, ice and sleet right now which makes for treacherous driving conditions.  This is snow day number four,  I believe, and if we get the huge storm that is being projected for Sunday into Monday they will have used up all of their allotted days off.  It's only the first week in February folks!!!  Not a good sign!!!

Our icy tree in the front yard.
What's left of Buddha's head in our front garden!!
Our window box.

The storm that they're tracking for our area for Sunday into Monday is being measured in FEET.  CRAZY!!!  I'll believe it when I see it but most of the weather models are all in agreement on this one.  I think the last time I remember getting that much snow in one storm was around 1995 and the only reason I remember the year is because it was right before I got pregnant with Trevor who was born in August of 1996.  I have photos of Connor playing with our two little neighbors and the snow piles were up over their head!!  : )

There have been lots of birds at our bird feeder.  Always a great photo opp.  God knows I need some photo opps since most of my picture taking has been done from my windows lately!!  I did get to take some photos in our local cemetery last week that I'll share soon.  Am I the only one who loves to take photos in cemeteries??  They are so peaceful and full of such beauty.  The old graves stones are just amazing to look at and photograph.

Rain and ice on the window. 

I'm on my third load of laundry and I'm already starting to think about what I'm going to make for dinner.  This is perfect cooking and cleaning weather!!  Although I'd much rather lounge around a fireplace with my feet up and my nose in a good book!!  Where's that fireplace when you need it???!!!???  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Wednesday ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

It is certainly a wintry day from your photos. We have been very lucky this year with the snow but the rain and floods for a lot of homes over here have been dreadful. Stock up with plenty of food and stay safe.

sage and spirit said...

That first photo of the tree branches is great! And like you, I love taking pictures in cemeteries. Those old headstones have so much character. Can't wait to see your photos!
Stay warm and remember....spring is coming!

Happy-Sonne said...

Dear Wendy
Your pictures are so wonderful! This winter we have no snow. It is
like spring.
I wish you a happy rest of the week and send you a lot of greetings. Yvonne