A Little Wednesday Randomness . . .

So it looks like we dodged another snow storm here in New York.  Hallelujah!!!  I absolutely love snow and being cozied up in our little cottage during a snow storm is one of my absolute favorite things in the world, HOWEVER, I think I'm ready for spring.  The only thing that makes me hesitate when I say that is the fact that after spring comes summer ~ hazy, hot and humid New York summers.  The pits!!

A seagull on top of a HUGE pile of snow. 
In my garden.

The sun has been staying out longer and feeling just a little bit warmer.  There are hints of flowers coming up in the garden and the birds and squirrels that have been frequenting our back yard all winter to eat have been visiting less frequently.  I imagine they're busy building their nests for the new babies that will be coming in another month or so.

A woodpecker in our little pear tree on a recent snowy day.
A jet in the sky on a beautiful late winter day.

 And this little girl is thrilled that she'll be playing in her beloved sand box and swinging on swings again real soon!!

Many blessings for a wonderful Wednesday ~ Wendy

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becoming claudine said...

What lovely pictures! I too am ready for spring, but get the whole come spring, but not so fast summer! :)