A Perfectly Balanced Weekend . . .

We had, what I would call, a perfectly balanced weekend.  Dinner at our house on Friday night with life long friends and their kids who have now become life long friends with our kids.  Isn't it so amazing how that happens??!!??  One of the many special things about small town living.  : )

Another wonderful thing about small town living ~ glimpses of days gone by in the form of an old abandoned barn.

Saturday was a day to catch up on laundry and start filling my online shops again.  I made a big decision that I've been mulling over for a little while now.  I've decided to leave my job at American Greetings and concentrate on selling online again.  My shops have been neglected since I started working and, quite honestly, judging by how well my shops have done in the past, I can make more money with them than I make with AG.  Plus, I get to be home when my kids get home from school which is something that has always been important to me and was starting to happen less and less.  My last day is March 31st and I'm feeling good about my decision.  I feel the Universe is nudging me in a different direction and I have to go with it.  : )

Saturday afternoon we watched Brendan's basketball team play what ended up being their last game of the season.  They played their hearts out against the first place team and went neck and neck with them until about the middle of the second half and then they lost steam.  : (   Brendan had a great season and even scored a couple of baskets.  His confidence has soared since last year's season and I thank his wonderful coaches for that.  I'm going to miss his games but not those Tuesday night at 8 pm practices!!  : )

Yesterday I puttered around the house and listed a few more items in my Etsy shop while Jim worked on finishing up my closet that he's been remodeling when he gets the time to work on it.  Megan had a friend come over to keep her occupied otherwise my husband wouldn't have gotten anything done.  She loves being Daddy's helper and we all know how that works out sometimes.  Haha!!

Yesterday afternoon, another life long (since 5th grade!!) friend, Stacey, called to see if she could stop by for a little while.  She's in town from Florida for a couple of days and brought a quiche on the plane with her to give to me.  She had posted photos on Facebook of a 12 course meal she was cooking the other night when she couldn't sleep and I had casually mentioned that I'd love her to bring one of the quiches she baked to New York with her.  Well, guess what we had for dinner last night???  Yep!!  Chicken, bacon, broccoli and cheese quiche.  TO DIE FOR!!!  Just one of the MANY reasons I love that girl!!!!

A perfectly balanced weekend . . .  Friends, family, down time and homemade quiche!!  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful week ahead ~ Wendy


sage and spirit said...

Congratulations on your decision to be home with the kids and focus on your shops! The fact that you're felling good about it says the universe is nudging you in the right direction.
As always, great photos! I love old barns and homesteads.
Best wishes for a great week!


mamasmercantile said...

Congratulations on your decision to stay at home and focus on those wonderful shops and off course the children. Time flies and they'll be flying the nest before you know it. I am flying over to America tomorrow, really excited. Have a great couple of weeks that how long I'll be away from home.

Gina said...

Good luck with your change in work. I agree how important it is to spend time in the house when the kids are school age. It just means you are there if they've had a rough day but still able to work in the background. I hope you point is in the direction of your online store once they are up and running!

becoming claudine said...

Good for you for listening to those nudges! As I've made decisions surrounding work and home over the past several years I've found that the nudges are both hard to hear and hard to ignore. Then it takes some real quiet to understand them in the context of all of the "practical" thinking that comes along with those big decisions.

Best to you Wendy!!

Obaitori said...

Lovely. You sound nourished. Katie x