Bits of Christmas Past . . .

In the blink of an eye, it's almost a week after Christmas and I'm just getting around to posting some photos.  We had such a wonderful holiday. Despite not feeling up to par, I got almost everything done that was on my "To Do" list and what didn't get done was moved to my "Oh Well, Maybe Next Year" list.  I vowed to keep things simple this year and, for the most part, I did.

New ballet slippers and a pretty pink skirt for Megan.

Art supplies for Brendan. 
A plethora of hot sauces for our spicy food eater, Connor.
This one was not a happy camper having to get up at 8 am when the four year old was ready to see what Santa brought!!!  : )
It just wouldn't be Christmas without the Yule Log!!!
We exchanged gifts and had a yummy roast pork dinner in the afternoon with my mom, father in law and brother in law from my first marriage and my sister, her boyfriend and my niece and nephew.

Nephew Tristan rocking the Giants shirt.  There's always next year, Tristan!!!!  LOL!!!
Niece Annie giving me lip for taking her photo.  : )

All of the kids are getting older now so there's so much less chaos.  Megan is the youngest grandchild and I honestly love that we can still see Christmas thru the eyes of a child. 

 Tonight we have reservations at our local Chinese restaurant.  We're sticking close to home this year and hoping the two older boys are safe where they're celebrating with Connor in Rhode Island and Trevor in Times Square.  Yes, that crazy kid is in Times Square!!!!!!  Oh to be 18 again!!!!  : )

My wish for you all is that you have a happy and safe New Year's Eve and a happy and healthy and prosperous 2015.  I look forward to spending it with you all in blog land!!!  XOXO

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Shel said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas celebration! Love the pink tutu! :) And it wouldn't be NYE without Chinese food for dinner! I hope Trevor had a blast in Time's Square! Even when I was in college I wasn't brave enough to go there!

Happy New Year! May 2015 be magical! xo

Junkchiccottage said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Love seeing all the cute pictures. Happy New Year.

mamasmercantile said...

Looks wonderful with some treasured moments. Wishing you a happy new year and many thanks for your well wishes whilst recovering from surgery. Wishing you everything you wish for yourself for 2015.

sage and spirit said...

Ok, love the Yule log channel!! :)

Happy New Year to you and your family!! xx