Busy but Keeping My Peace of Mind . . .

I've been busy adding lots of photos to my Etsy shop.  As you know by my Sunday Sayings, I have a huge love of quotes.  One of my friends suggested I add some of my favorites to some of my photos.  I thought this was a fantastic idea!!

I took this photo of a fallen angel in our local cemetery a couple of days after Hurricane Sandy hit our area.  A lot of trees fell during the storm and I wanted to make sure none of my family members headstones were damaged.  I saw this little angel laying on the ground.  She was displaced but not broken.  That's how so many New Yorkers felt during that hurricane.  When I read the MLK quote the other day, I knew it was meant for this photo. 

This is so profound to me.  Really makes me think. 

Love this.

Peace of mind is what I've been consciously trying to achieve.  As I navigate thru my day, I've been asking myself if what I'm doing at that moment or what I'm thinking at that moment is giving me peace of mind.  It really centers and helps me.  We have some big things going on right now and I'm really keeping my cool about them.  It's all good stuff!!  : )

Happy Thursday and Many Blessings ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Some truly beautiful and uplifting quotes on some stunning pictures, delightful. Have a great day.

loveinmotionweblog.com said...

Beautiful words paired with gorgeous photos. Wonderful and inspiring!

sage and spirit said...

Adding quotes to your photographs was a great idea! You'll do well with this in your Etsy store.

And peace of mind....I love the idea of asking if what I'm doing is giving me peace of mind. I'm going to borrow this concept from you! xx