Pluggin' Along . . .

We've been pluggin' along here.  Busy days and lazy days.  No pretty wintry photos to share because the snow in our area of New York has been next to nothing.  : (   Yesterday was a rainy day that turned everything into a sheet of ice.  There's a chance of snow for the middle of the week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Everything looks so drab and grey this time of the year.  Even an inch of snow makes everything look much better!!

Some staying-in-our-jammies-all-day photos . . .

No matter how hard I tried, Miss Megan would not give me a smile.  She was hard at work being creative and couldn't be bothered!!  We've begun the process of growing out her bangs.  It's gonna be a long process but her hair grows so quickly.  I'm hoping by the summer they'll blend in with the rest of her hair.  Boys with crew cuts are so much easier!!!!!  : )

Another lazy winter day!!

I want to say thank you to everyone that expressed their thoughts and prayers for my son's friend who passed suddenly last week.  The family is holding a memorial service this coming weekend.  The friends are all still in shock but have banded together for support.  This circle of friends has been together since kindergarten.  It is truly a beautiful thing to see.

I missed Sunday Sayings yesterday but I still want to share this quote on this day of remembrance for Martin Luther King, Jr.  . . .


Many blessings for a beautiful Monday ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

She is growing up so fast, bless her. Nice that all the friends are supporting each other, so young to lose life they are in my thoughts and prayers.

Elizabeth said...

Wishing you blessings and peace.
A good day to reflect on how we treat everyone - of every color and faith.
I was always taught to respect everyone - because Christ is in everyone.
Once, some years ago, we were visiting Italy, while living in Morocco.
An Italian priest was horrified when I said we were very happy there.
So I said, "Didn't God create everyone....?!"
That shut him up pretty quickly!

sage and spirit said...

Miss Megan is an artist! Not to be disturbed!

Perfect quote for today. And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who lets the dogs take over the couch!

My heart goes out to your son and his friends, as well as the family of the boy who passed. So glad they have each other at this time.