Winter Days . . .

Megan had a two hour delay at school yesterday due to a little clipper storm coming thru in the early morning hours.  I dropped her off and made a bee line to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts for a much needed extra large coffee.  Our coffee pot has been leaking all over the counter when we try to use it.  We've tried everything to fix it but we can't figure out what the problem is.  : (

I got my coffee, got back into my car, cranked up the classical music and took a drive to our beautiful local state park in hopes of taking some photos.  I've really been lacking in the photo-taking department and I start to get cranky when I don't use the creative part of my brain.  I'm not kidding.  : )

Within the park is a pretty little cemetery that I visit often.  It's perfect for walking in and, if I'm lucky, I catch a glimpse of this adorable little group of deer that hang out there waiting for the next batch of funeral flowers to munch on. Yesterday, they were there.

As soon as they saw my car, they walked over to me.  I know they were looking for food and I felt horrible that I only had coffee to offer them.  : )  They look chubby and healthy in their winter coats, thankfully.

Mama and her yearling.

Is that not the cutest face EVER?!!!!!?

So now the creative part of my brain is happy again .  I think I'm going to put the above photo in my Etsy shop.  Simply irresistible!!!!  : )

Happy Saturday to you all!!  ~ Wendy


mimi said...

Oh Wendy these pictures are so beautiful. I have such a fondness for deer. That is something my Dad and I always shared. Whenever I would see a deer I would call him to tell him about it. Even though I am not able to call him anymore I always think of him when I see deer.
You are an amazing photographer :)

sage and spirit said...

Those are some of the healthiest deer I've ever seen! And your photos....wonderful! Those deer faces are so adorable. They sure seem like they know you! What a great photo op that was! xx

Liefgeval said...

oh my! so so cute!