A Super Moon and a Super Summer . . .

What an absolutely brilliant super moon we were blessed with the other night!!  I stood out on my driveway and took a bunch of photos, playing around with the settings a little bit.  I tried to post these the other day but Blogger wasn't being very cooperative with letting me upload photos.  Or is it download photos?  I always get those two confused!!  : )

Miss Meggie in the pod.
On a completely different note, we hope to be signing the contracts on the house in Cornwall-on-Hudson this week. It's been a little stressful waiting to hear back from the seller as he's been taking his time but it looks like we have a light at the end of the tunnel.  We won't do a jig of glee though until the contracts are signed!!!  We had the first of the pods delivered and started to load it up over the weekend.  For anyone who isn't familiar with pods, they look like giant storage containers and are delivered to your home to be filled with your stuff and then they cart them back to the storage facility until you're ready to have them delivered to your new house (in our case).  We ordered the large one.  You can tell how big it is by the photo of Megan standing in it.  We think we're going to need at least three for all of our stuff.

We have lots of exciting things going on around here including the first day of school tomorrow.  Brendan begins 8th grade and Megan begins kindergarten.  It hasn't been the most exciting summer for the kids this year due to the sale of the house but they're happy nonetheless.

These two got to spend another most of the summer together for the fourth year in a row.  They are turning into young men right before our eyes!!!  

Brendan and Jakhai summer 2013.

 And this girl of mine learned how to whistle AND how to swim!!! 

I'm now trying to balance the excitement of the new season that is just around the corner now (which happens to be my FAVORITE!!! season) and trying to take life one day at a time so I don't feel overwhelmed by all that will be taking place in the next couple of months.  Life is good.  My children are good.  My honey is good.  I am good.  We are good.  I guess that makes us . . .

Happy Tuesday!!! ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

I am praying that all goes well with the contracts and your dreams come true with the move to your dream home.

Elizabeth said...

What happy photos!
Yes, moving is a bit stressful but you do have many blessings as I do.
And yes, the moon was stunning!

sage and spirit said...

That Supermoon was beautiful! Definitely an omen of good things to come! I'm so glad to hear things are going well for you. I can feel you smiling throughout this post. And those boys....they ARE becoming quite the handsome young men! ;)
It sounds like you've got it figured out...go one day at a time and enjoy the gifts of each day. It is all good!

http://goodmorningbeautyfull.blogspot.com/ said...

Your baby girl is growing beautifully and the young men handsomely.

mountain girl said...

Yes, too blessed to be stressed--here, too! Happy to hear you're moving--yay! What fun to have a fresh new start. The moon was beautiful.

Wainwright and Wright.Co said...

Enjoyed your post - so much joy and happiness in the words and photos. Thanks for sharing
Caz xx