School Days . . .

Happy for the first day of kindergarten.
Megan and Daddy.

 After an entire summer of anticipation, Megan finally started kindergarten!!!  Woohoo!!!  Her elementary school is right behind our house so we can walk when the weather is cooperating.  It's good because it gets me up and dressed and out of the house.  I was finished with grocery shopping by 10 am yesterday.  : ) 

I've noticed that she bites the inside of her cheek when she gets a little nervous.  There was a little of that going on but, by the time we left her in her classroom, she was all smiles.  She's only going to be going to this school for the next six to ten weeks before we move.  I'm hoping the transition there will be just as easy.  The beauty of young children is that they're so resilient for the most part.  I think they also mirror how their parents handle change.  I'm honestly not great with change but this will be a good change and I keep focusing on that.  : )

Mr. Bigglesworth followed us to school every day this week.  He wouldn't go past the end of the path but we could hear him meowing as we crossed the teachers' parking lot.  Such a great cat he is!!!

Walking back up the path.  Oh how I'm going to miss my hydrangea bushes!!!!!  : (

So we made it thru the first week.  Actually it was just three half days for the kindergartners.  Next Tuesday starts full days.  She had full days for pre-school this last year so I'm sure she'll be fine.  : )

I wish my American readers a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.  Although the calendar says differently, this is the official end of summer for me.  I do have to say it's strange that the kids went back to school before Labor Day.  I don't remember that ever happening before!!

Happy Saturday!! ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

My granddaughter's first day of school was Friday, such a big day. Megan looked beautiful a day to remember for the rest of her life. Glad to hear all is still going well for the move to the dream home.

sage and spirit said...

Megan is such a little beauty and she looks all ready to go on the first day of school! And how nice to be escorted by Mr Bigglesworth. :)

Have a great Labor Day weekend and best of luck with the upcoming move!