A House Update and a Bit of Sad News . . .

We've been in our new house for almost four weeks already.  So hard to believe.  Everyone is still adjusting to all of the changes but it's going very well.  Brendan and Megan are happy in their new schools. The kids from our old neighborhood come and visit on a regular basis thankfully and we're getting the house in order slowly but surely.

Our new stained glass lamp that my mother gave us as a house warming gift.

Curtains in our front window.

Our still empty fire place.  The chimney man is coming next week to make sure everything is okay to use it since the previous owners of the house hadn't used it in a couple of years.  It's actually worked out well because it's been very mild here in New York still.

A few pictures waiting to be hung.

This is an oak dresser that my neighbor from the old 'hood had put out for the garbage men to cart away.  Needless to say, I carried it right over to my garage as soon as I saw it.  We have it in our new dining room now and it looks perfect!!

This is a view of our backyard from the dining room windows.  We have an in-ground pool and patio around it.  This was definitely one of the things about our new house that we used to bribe the kids into being okay with moving.  : )

I started decorating for Christmas today and I look forward to sharing more photos as the decorating progresses.  I have so much more space to decorate this year which means I get to take things out that have been packed away in boxes for such a long time.  : )

On a sadder note . . .

I think the hardest adjustment to do with our move has been on our fur babies.  It's getting better and our dogs are starting to relax a bit more but it hasn't been easy.  Two of my three cats have adjusted very well to now being indoor cats for the time being.  My third cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, sadly got out of the house 10 days ago and we haven't seen him since.  I've posted his photo every where and shared on Facebook numerous times.  There have been some possible sightings but none of them have panned out.  I'm just beside myself thinking about him being outside in a location that he knows nothing about.  He was an outdoor cat when when we adopted him and he wanted nothing more then to get back outside from the time we moved.  My plan was to ease him into going out but we believe he escaped thru an open window.

Mr. Bigglesworth.  : (

I refuse to believe that I will never see him again.  I've told the new owners of our old house to be on the look out for him.  It would be quite a feat for him to make it back to our old house but I wouldn't put it passed him.  He is a bad-ass Ninja cat if I've ever met one.  : )

And another sad note . . .

My mother's beautiful Newfoundland Chloe was put to sleep today.  She was the epitome of a gentle giant and had the most soulful eyes you ever saw on a dog.  My mother gave her the best life but her ability to walk had greatly deteriorated recently and my mother knew it was time.

You will be missed beautiful Chloe.  XOXOXOXOXO

Many blessings ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

I am glad to hear that you are settling in OK with the exception of the fur babies of course. Hopefully the cat will turn up they seem to have a seventh sense. Sad news about your Mum's dog it is always hard to lose a beloved pet. Take care.

sage and spirit said...

We're all praying for Mr Bigglesworth's safe return. Please keep us updated. And so sorry to hear about Chloe. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is the hardest thing to do. Give your mom a hug from me.


Robyn Harmon said...

One of the most important aspects of moving into a newer home is adjusting to the environment, and the flow of settling in. Often times, there are different feelings of excitement and anticipation of the move. However, pets have to make adjustments as well and this can be tough. It seems that familiar faces can brighten the entire moving process.

Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving

Winters End Rambler said...

Oh my goodness...yes she must have been a distant cousin of Heidis. x

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