Some Over the Moon News . . .

At 11:30 Saturday night, while my honey and I were finally watching the season finale of Homeland (LOVE THAT SHOW!!), my cell phone rang.  It was someone who had been looking on one of the Facebook pages where I posted Mr. Bigglesworth's photo several times over the last six weeks since he ran away.  He told me a story of how his daughters who live about a mile from us had been feeding Biggles when he started to hang out around their house.  He told me how they wanted to keep him but his ex-wife wouldn't let them so they called him and told him what a wonderful cat they had found, knowing full well what an animal lover he was.  Before I got too excited, I had him send me a photo of the cat that he had named "Benny" and grown so attached to.  As soon as I saw that mug come over my phone screen I burst into tears.  It was indeed my Biggles!!!  We went and picked him up yesterday morning almost an hour away.  It is just so crazy to me how the Universe works sometimes. The people we meet. The lessons we are taught along the way.  It's all part of a much bigger plan.

As difficult as it got with each passing week, I always tried to remember that Biggles running away was for a reason. I also never lost faith that I would see him again. It's not always easy to do but I know that this is definitely a lesson that I'm supposed to learn this time around, in this lifetime. Sometimes I'm good at it and sometimes I'm not. I think having the awareness is half the battle though.

It's like he never left.  : )

Happy Monday to you all!! ~ Wendy


sage and spirit said...

That is the BEST news!!!! I am so happy you have been reunited with Mr Bigglesworth!
Your news made my day and like you, I KNEW you find each other again!

mamasmercantile said...

I am so thrilled for you, that really has made my day. GREAT NEWS!

Jen Kershner said...

Oh my goodness! I'm SO happy for you! I have been exactly where you are. Several years ago my kitty accidentally got out and was missing for 6 weeks too and I mourned so much for him. He is the most amazing cat and my best guy (please don't tell the other two cats) and through a series of crazy coincidences he was finally returned home to us skinny and full of worms but even more grateful and loving because now I had rescued him twice (the first was from the humane society where he lived for 5 months before we adopted him) and he will not go near an open door and he sleeps every night with his head on my shoulder. I'm just so relieved for you and what a wonderful way to start your year! I hope you are enjoying lots of kitty snuggles.

Shel said...

What wonderful news! Welcome home Mr. Bigglesworth! What a wonderful way to start 2016! xo

Elizabeth said...

I'm so thrilled for you!
I bet all the family were thrilled too.

Many many years ago our lovely black and white cat Gomez vanished when we lived in Huntington, Long Island.
wandered the neighborhood knocking on doors
looking for squished cats
was miserable
looked some more
knocked on more doors....
then after Thanksgiving about a month after she vanished a neighbor knocked on the door with a copy of "The Pennysaver" and pointed to a notice
"Found in the vicinity of New York Avenue....." black and white,,,,,could this be?
We telephoned
A young woman had accidentally knocked down Gomez who was in the road. she was driving with her young daughter who had both legs in plaster for bow legs
Poor young woman was horrified and scooped up the cat with her white parka
took to vet. Gomez had no ID.
day I vet said she might die
day 2 vet said cat might survive but be blind
day 3 you can come to collect your cat and owe us $250....
she had only got a spare $50 which the vet accepted...
then she looked after Gomez and placed notice which was delayed because of Thanksgiving.

So we ended up getting Gomez back, buying a lovely present for the little daughter....and paying the vet bill.
and Gomie lasted another ten years.
Sorry such a long reply
but just so happy for you!


Sol said...

amazing news. he is in good health and home. the best outcome.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

So glad your kitty is back home! Thanks for stopping in and visiting my blog!

Stacey said...

I'm so glad you found him!! I'd die if our cat or dog disappeared. They are just part of our family. :)