Year's End . . .

We celebrated our last meal of 2015 with friends and family in a Japanese farmhouse that was disassembled over there and brought here to New York ~ Central Valley, New York to be more specific.   The architecture is just beautiful with incredibly high ceilings and lots of bamboo and wood. 

There was a very steep staircase that led up to the area where we sat around huge hibachi grills and were entertained by the chef as he made our dinner. 

A view of the restaurant from the outside back gardens. 

After dinner we walked around the grounds a little bit.  They weren't lit very well but we were still able to see a few of the beautiful Japanese touches throughout. 

A beautiful light shade.

Above is a water wheel that helped feed the pond that held so many beautiful koi fish.  I don't know how they can survive in such cold water.  Brrr!!!

The bridge over the koi pond.

Some New Year's Eve party animals!!!  Woot woot!!!  : )

The tree is undecorated and gone now and the two youngest ones are back in school.  I love when they're out of school and we don't have to worry about bed times and wake up times but, in all honesty, by the end of vacation time, I need to have that sense of structure back in our house.  It really does make me a happier mama and, in turn, makes for happier kiddos.

I love my kids but I also love my space and my alone time and I'm not afraid to admit it.  : )

Happy almost Thursday to you ~ Wendy


susan said...

This restaurant looks lovely, Wendy. I may have to make a trip to Central Valley one of these days. I have also de-Christmased and am looking forward to all the new year has to bring. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2016.

mamasmercantile said...

Looks like an amazing place to visit, great building. I am struggling with the quiet after all the noise of the holiday season and the children's chatter.

elizabeth said...

How exciting!
Fascinating place!

Mary said...

What a cool place!
I always looked forward to getting back into a routine after breaks.

daniela said...

thank you for all the lovely comments and the new years greeting. i have not been here for a while, as i notice. it's great you took the time to go out at night! i don't use my camera frequently enough lately....
a blessed new year, thank you for sticking around

sage and spirit said...

What a great place to celebrate the new year! I hope it brings you everything you wish for!

stevenjared0853 said...

Yeah dear, it is true and I hope you had wonderful new-year celebrations as mine was also wonderful. I celebrated New Year Eve at event space nyc with couple of my friends and close ones. It was a great place and we all enjoyed so much on the day.