The Makings of a Social Butterfly . . .

One of my biggest concerns about moving was that the kids were going to be leaving their friends.  We've always had play dates for Megan.  Usually one or two a week.  She likes to be kept busy.  The boys would play for hours on their own ~ lost in a game of cars, blocks, super heroes, etc.  Megan prefers interaction with others while playing.  If a friend or family member isn't up to the task then she always has an imaginary friend or two ready to jump in.  : )  She is a natural born teacher and, in fact, is more often then not, "teaching" a ballet class or hostessing a good round of "show and tell."  I love eavesdropping on her when she does this!!  Lol!!!

A recent tea party at Nana's.

During Christmas vacation a couple of her girlfriends and their moms came to visit for the day from where we used to live.  Our daughters became friends first and then we realized how much we enjoyed each others' company.  We had such a great day!!  It was so nice to talk with friends that I hadn't seen since we moved in November.  I really don't know many people in our new town which is so strange to me.  I go to pick Meg up from school and I barely know a soul.  I go to the grocery store and I don't know anybody.  We just moved from a town where I grew up and knew more people than not. 

In all honesty, I'm pretty much okay with this.  I get my grocery shopping done a heck of a lot quicker.  I've even gone out a couple of times without any (GASP) makeup.  Haha!!!  However, this is the town where my daughter is going to be growing up now and I want her to have what she had before we moved.  So last night, I pulled out her class list and emailed the parents of one of the little girls in her class that she talks about all the time.  They're going to be having their first play date here after school today and then we're going to take them back to the school tonight for a PTA fundraising screening of the Minion Movie.   She also has her first birthday party up here on Sunday.  Chuckie Cheese here we come!!!!  Ugghh!!!  : )

I'm so excited for Megan!!  I'm hoping this is the start of a wonderful new friendship!!  I'll let you know how it goes.  : )

Happy weekend to you all.  The temperatures are supposed to be going up and we're expecting some rain.  Now that my Mr. Bigglesworth is back home safe and sound, I want it to SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!!!  Are you listening Mother Nature???

~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

I am hoping all goes well with the play date. It is never easy when you move to a new area but it will be worth it in the end when you have the home of your dreams and are settled. Hope you get the snow you want.

sage and spirit said...

Rain?? It is snowing RIGHT NOW here in the desert southwest! And I am loving it!

Megan is such a social butterfly....I know her playdate will go well! You are an awesome mom for setting it up for her!

Elizabeth said...

I'm sure Megan will soon have so many friends she won't know what to do with them.
Good for you reaching out to classmates!
About to head out into the deluge with the dog!

Knit and Crochet in Bhutan said...

As always she is so beautiful and happy new year.