All That Matters . . .

Megan and Jim had their first ever Father/Daughter dance last Friday night.  We let her pick out her own dress and shoes (more on those shoes later.  UGGHH!!)  We both agreed on this adorable little dress that she'll be able to wear for Easter as well. 

Nana helping Megan get ready.

So here are the shoes Megan picked out.  They're adorable and silver and shiny and match perfectly with the bodice of her dress.  Perfect, right?  Nope!!  After she was all dressed she looked down at her shoes and decided she didn't like them any more.  "Big tears down the cheeks" didn't like them anymore.  Instead she wanted to wear her hand-me-down, a size too small and starting to look worn "heels."  Of course we tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn't budge.

Sorry for the poor quality photo!!

Now she's my fourth child and I've learned to pick my battles.  I've also learned, as a woman, that if you aren't happy with the shoes you're wearing it could ruin your whole night.  Am I right??

My two loves.  : )
So she and her daddy and her "heels" went to that dance and had a wonderful time and, in the end . . .

Megan and her bestie Ava.

Incognito.  : )

that's all that matters.  Isn't it??

Happy Monday!! ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

My heart melted, she looks so adorable and so grown up. I completely understand about the shoes, they just have to be right.

sage and spirit said...

Your posts always make me smile. Miss Megan is so adorable and I bet the dance was something she will always remember.

Shel said...

Oh my gosh, I love this! She looks absolutely gorgeous and I hope that they had the most wonderful time! Father-Daughter dances are the best!

Have a lovely week and happy leap day! xo

Knit and Crochet in Bhutan said...

Simply beautiful

susan said...

Oh, how sweet this is, Wendy. She looks adorable and what could be more special than a father/daughter dance.