Just Add Snow . . .

This has been such a strange winter in our parts of New York.  Not much snow.  Maybe six or seven inches all together.  30 degrees one day and 50 degrees the next.  Winter is my second favorite season.  Behind fall, of course.  : )

So we were very excited when the weather report called for snow last week.  The kids got a half day of school and Megan's adorable friend Genevieve came over for a play date.  At the first hint of snowflakes, those two bundled themselves up and headed outside into the winter wonderland that awaited them. 

I love to watch Megan get lost in play.  I remember so vividly those days of tuning out the rest of the world and focusing only on the world of make believe.  That's what I use Pinterest and Instagram for now.  : ) 

We didn't get much more snow than what you see in these photos but it was the perfect amount for these two for sure!!

Today, we're off to Connecticut to visit with new friends.  My son has been playing Xbox with some kids for the last couple of years and they've become pretty close with each other.  We thought it would be fun if they all met in person.  Should be a wonderful day!!  : )

Happy Saturday ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

It really has been a strange winter worldwide, we have had daffodils since early January and not a hint of snow. It was lovely to see Megan at play.

sage and spirit said...

Is there anything more magical than falling snow? We've had so little of it this year! Spring is coming way too quickly!

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