Sunday Sayings . . .

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I first heard this several years ago and it changed my life.  I started to look at my relationships with people, including myself.  It has given me the awareness to think about why I may be struggling at times.  Am I coming from a place of love or from a place of fear or are THEY coming from a place of love or a place of fear?  Sometimes it takes me a while to get back to this way of thinking.  Sometimes I can't get out of my own way.  Sometimes I don't want to get out of my own way and instead want to have a stomping temper tantrum in my mind for a while.  Just because. We are all works in progress after all.  : )

May your Valentine's Day be filled with more love and less fear.  xoxo

Namaste ~ Wendy


elizabeth said...

Certainly something to think about...Fear is such a corrosive feeling.
Sending warmest greetings on this chilly morning.

susan said...

Like you, Wendy, I heard this quite awhile ago - I think it may have been one of Oprah's guests. It really is very thought provoking, isn't it.

sage and spirit said...

I like that you stop and take the time to see where not only you, but others are coming from. It's always a good thing to try and see from another perspective, and it does help increase our understanding of what someone else may be going through.
You're a beautiful person.

And what a wild ride it was last night!

mamasmercantile said...

Thought provoking, fear is consuming.