Thank You . . .

Photo by me.

To those who have courageously given their lives and to those who bravely fight today, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your bravery and your sacrifice.  I am proud to say that my father was a veteran of the United States Army and my husband is a veteran of the United States Navy. 

My dad and Trevor.

Me and my honey at the beach.
True heroes in my eyes.

Many blessings for a happy and safe rest of your weekend ~ Wendy


Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

I am proud that my Dad and brother were both veterans of the Navy and my husband a Vietnam Veteran in the Coast Guard. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

mamasmercantile said...

You have every right to be proud, they are both very brave men. Take care.

sage and spirit said...

Thank your husband and your dad for helping keep this country safe! Have a great holiday weekend!