These Moments (of two years ago) . . .

Since I haven't taken many photos in the last couple of days, I thought it would be fun to look back on the photos I took on this day two years ago.  We were still in our old house and celebrating Memorial Day and Megan's 4th birthday.  The kids look so little in these photos.  Brendan has more hair now.  Trevor and Megan have less hair now. 

 My gorgeous nephews are much taller and, if possible, even more gorgeous!!!!

My nephew Andre.

My nephew Jason.

My "fourth son" Jakhai is about a foot taller and basically a man.  : )

Megan's thighs have thinned out a bit but I still want to bite them every chance I get!!!!!

Her big gift for turning "4" !!

When I look back on photos like these, they remind me of how quickly the time passes.  They remind me of moments that I may have otherwise forgotten about.  They remind me of just how precious life is.

I wish you all a very happy and safe Memorial Day if you live here in the states.  It's low key for us this year.  Jim is working all weekend and we'll be sticking close to home.  Our pool is almost ready to be jumped into.  It's been teasing us from the backyard since we moved in in November.  I think I'll fire up the grill more than once or twice in the next few days.  There's also a little Memorial Day parade in town on Monday that I think we'll attend.  We're very blessed to live in such a patriotic town.  We are just a few miles away from West Point, NY and lots of members of our community are either active military or retired military personnel.  I'm proud to say my honey is a Navy vet.  : )

 Have a beautiful and safe weekend ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

A lovely reminder of how quickly they grow. Both my husband and I served in the British Army, myself for almost 8 years and my husband for 22 years. Have a wonderful weekend.

sage and spirit said...

Such sweet photos! Hope you're having a great Memorial Day weekend. We're staying close to home too....catching up on yard work. (Fun, right?)
Put a hot dog on the grill for me!