A Sunday Saying and a Dose of Reality . . .

I've been having some trouble with this lately.  I don't normally and it's not a good feeling.  I have anxiety in the pit of my stomach like I used to feel when I was a child.  I keep telling myself to just let it go and turn it over.  Let Go and Let God.  Those of you that follow my blog know that we moved to a new town in November.  My mother came to live with us.  Our plan is to build an apartment for her in our garage so she no longer has to live in our family room.  We thought it would be a simple thing to do but it's turned out to be anything but simple.  When we posted the legal notices of our intention to make the garage apartment like we were told to do, a large number of our neighbors decided they weren't happy with this and made up a petition that basically says they are fearful that we will turn our home into a multi-family dwelling.  This was presented to us at last month's Planning Board meeting.  Not one person has bothered to personally ask us what our intentions are and some don't even wave to us any more like they once did when we first moved in.  I feel like we're wearing some kind of scarlet letter!!!  This petition is based purely on assumptions.  18 of our neighbors signed this petition.  18!!!  I cannot begin to tell you how this makes me feel.  I have tears in my eyes just typing this.  I wasn't going to write about this but, in all honesty, I need to keep things real at this point in my life.  I feel like so many things are out of my hands.  I usually handle things better.  I told my husband the other day that I haven't felt this much stress in my life probably ever.  I don't think I even felt this much stress after my first husband passed away.  My love has been my rock.  He has such a positive attitude about things, thankfully.  I'm usually the one telling him everything is going to be okay.  I know this will pass.  I know this will be okay.  I know we have nothing but good intentions to do with this apartment and our neighbors are coming from a place of fear that we are going to change things.  We never, ever expected this.  EVER.  Our meeting before the Planning Board when they make their final decision is in two weeks.  A co-worker of my husband who has been thru a similar situation recommended we have an attorney present at the meeting so we've hired one.  I will keep you posted.  I don't mean to be a bummer but this is my reality today and I need to keep it real my friends.

Have a beautiful Sunday ~ Wendy


sage and spirit said...

Oh sweetie, my heart goes out to you. The apartment for your mom was a decision made out of love and one way or another, things WILL work out.
I know it's hard to let the feelings of anxiety and fear go, but don't let these feelings define who you are. You are a strong, beautiful, and loving woman.
Holding you in my heart and sending every positive thought for the outcome of the upcoming meeting.

JoAnne said...

So sorry you are going through this, Wendy. I know how hard it can be to shake those feelings when you're so worried. I'm sending good thoughts that everything works out!

mamasmercantile said...

I am so sorry this happening to you, you have sounded so thrilled and excited about your move so such a shame this is putting a damper on things. I am sending you a hug and praying that it will all work out for you. Take care and stay strong.