Part 2 of Our Vacation - Maryland

After our 90 minute ferry ride from New Jersey to Delaware, we jumped back into our car and headed toward Maryland where we stayed for two nights.  Jim made all of the arrangements for the trip so every place we stayed was a surprise for the kids and I.  I have to say, we weren't disappointed for a second!!

I took this at a stop light right after we got back on the road.  So pretty!!

A rather impressive bridge headed toward Maryland.

In Maryland we stayed at the Carousel Hotel.  Ocean City is a very touristy town.  Lots and lots of people.  The beach was crowded and the restaurants were crowded.  As I'm getting older I'm not such a big fan of crowds of people.  It was still beautiful though and the fact that our hotel was right on the beach was fantastic!!!

One sandy girlie!!!!

We spent most of the one full day we were there at the beach.  Herself learned how to paddle on a boogie board for the first time and she loved it!!!

Well hello random hot guy on the beach.  How did you get here??  ; )

We decided it was time to pack up when this rolled in . . .

Crazy, huh???

A little down time before dinner.

A heated game of Uno after dinner.

He had a great couple of days in Maryland.  Loved the hotel.  The beach was a bit too crowded for my taste and reminded me of the Jersey shore except for prettier water.  When you see the photos of the beach at our next stop in North Carolina you'll understand why it is sooooo worth the extra hours of driving to go further south.

Next stop . . .

North Carolina!!!!  : )

Happy Tuesday y'all ~ Wendy


Anonymous said...

WOW.... and Im just in awe how still your ocean is - there are barely any waves!!

beautiful moments - thank you for sharing xx

sage and spirit said...

Those clouds! Pretty amazing but kind of scary too.
I just love the beach photos and all the happy kids in the water....and the random hot guy. ;)
Looking forward to North Carolina!