{These Moments} in North Carolina . . .

It just dawned on me that today is Thursday.  Not Friday!!  I usually save "moments" posts for Friday but I'm too far into this to delete it now and I know I won't have time to post tomorrow because  I'll be driving into Manhattan to take Jakhai home.  Where did this month go????  "Back to School" commercials have been on for the last week or so and Cracker Barrel has Halloween decorations for sale which I find to be such a tease because then I get all excited for fall and you step out of the store and it's 95 degrees and humid out still.  I was so tempted to buy some of them though.  I'll definitely be paying them a visit in the next month or two!!  Couldn't you just go crazy in a Cracker Barrel gift shop??  I'm not so thrilled with their food.  God knows I've tried to be but I'm just not.  Their gift shops are a whole other story all together though!!!  I'm not even sure if they have them in other parts of the country.  We're getting them in dribs and drabs in New York but there's one on almost every corner the further south you go.  Have you ever been to one?

My dryer just finished turning.  On to the next load!!!  : )

So long for now from atop Mt. Washmore!! ~ Wendy


sage and spirit said...

I LOVE Cracker Barrel gift shops! We actually have one here in Albuquerque!

I was in Michael's the other day and it was all about Halloween. How I wish it was fall....and a little cooler outside. maybe next month it will cool down, right?

And the photo with the two umbrellas....I could definitely spend the summer in a place like that.

Anonymous said...

more beautiful moment.... thank you!
i have never heared of Cracker Barrel - chuckle - but I will be keeping my eyes to your updates to see what you buy :)
i am with you i can believe its nearly halloween. it isnt a big thing around these parts. so i love to see the fun had by all in my newsfeed. oh and that goes for your pretty thanks givings and christmas celebrations too :)

happy friday!

mamasmercantile said...

We have been to them a couple of times when visiting Florida. We are not enthralled with their food but love the gift shop element. The Christmas décor is a delight. Lovely moments to treasure.