Friends for Life . . .

On Saturday, my beautiful friend Ophie and her daughter Cybele came to spend the day with Meg and I.  We knew when we moved that there were going to be some people that we wouldn't see very often anymore, if at all.  Then there were the people who had come into our lives that we were not willing to let go of so easily.  Ophie and Cybele are for keeps.  : )

The girls spent the entire day in the pool and catching up on the hammock while Ophie and I drank Diet Dr. Pepper (crack in a can is what I call it!!!) in the shade and talked about what's in the stars for us in the not so distant future.  I'm always so fascinated by the depth of her knowledge and the accuracy of her predictions.  Ophie is an Astrologer and a published author.  She and her sister Tali are also known as The Astrotwins.  Check out the link to their webpage.  It really is some interesting and amazing stuff!!!

While I was writing this blog I decided to look at some old photos of Cybele and Megan to see how much they've changed in the last few years. 

Ophie with the girls in Cold Spring, NY a few years ago.

I just know they're gonna be friends for life!!!  : )

Many blessings for a happy Monday ~ Wendy


Angie said...

i love looking back at older photos and you have captured them so beautifully.
friends are so super special... precious moments here xxx
happy new week!

Shel said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures of the girls when they were little are too cute! You are lucky to have a friend like that! Dear friends are the best! xo

mamasmercantile said...

How they have grown. Such a special day for you all capturing special memories to treasure. Take care.

sage and spirit said...

These photos are so sweet and innocent. What beautiful childhood memories.