A Day Well Spent . . .

I wanted to share some photos of the fundraiser that I participated in for our local animal shelter this past weekend.  It was a wonderful day.  Whenever I can photograph happy fur babies and hang out with the amazing people that volunteer their time for those fur babies still looking for their forever home, it's always a wonderful day!!  : )

A bunch of Hi Tor volunteers.  Beautiful, happy faces!!

I'll be at Hi Tor again tomorrow for a few hours to photograph another fundraiser.  There is always something going on at the shelter.  In all honesty, I couldn't even think about going to an animal shelter because of how sad it is to me.  About five years ago, I had read that they were in dire need of some supplies so I dropped some stuff off for them.  There were lots of people coming and going.  There were volunteers walking dogs and petting cats.  Everyone was happy.  The energy at Hi Tor is so positive and palpable.  I faced my fears and even took a class to become a volunteer dog walker.  It's still difficult to see animals that, in many instances, were dropped off just because they weren't wanted any more.  I do know that all of these beautiful babies are loved and well taken care of by the staff and volunteers while they're waiting for a new home.  I don't have a feeling of dread when I visit there and that is huge for me.  : )

 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Any special plans??  I'd love to hear about them!!!  xo

~ Wendy

P.S.  All of the dogs (and cat) in these photos have wonderful homes and most of them were adopted from Hi Tor.  ALL of them are spoiled rotten!!!  : )


mamasmercantile said...

They were all adorable, lovey to know that they have been re-homed. Sadly circumstances change and it isn't always possible to keep a pet so its lovely to know that there are some lovely places like Hi Tor that will give them some love. Great photos.

sage and spirit said...

Every Christmas we fill big box with dog toys and treats to give to the local shelter in our small Colorado (someday home) town.

And a big congrats to you for volunteering to be a dog walker! We pass by the local volunteer dog walkers on our morning walk and all the dogs look sooo happy!

Have a great weekend and I know we're all looking forward to the next TWD show!