Oldies but Goodies on a Throwback Thursday . . .

After eating a lollipop at an outdoor birthday party on a 95 degree day.  I remember this day so well.  All she wanted was to be pushed on the swings which were in the sun and on the blacktop.  I thought I was gonna faint!!  LOL

These two brothers from other mothers as they call each other.  Jakhai's mom calls me her sister from another mister.  : )

My gorgeous nephews Andre and Jason a few years ago at a craft fair in New Paltz, NY. 

A baby woodpecker in my little pear tree in our old backyard.  The people that bought our house swore they wouldn't take it down.  : )

Feeding herself. 

Oh that belly!!!!!  Now you could bounce a quarter off of it since she started gymnastics.  : )


This pretty much sums up their relationship.  Lol!!

Ballet class.

My pretty princess.  xoxo

 Where does the time go??  : (

Happy throwback Thursday to you ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Indeed, where does the time go? A lovely collection and a joy to reminisce with you.

sage and spirit said...

Now those are definitely some goodies. And that Miss Megan...she sure is growing fast!