Busy Spring Days and Lazy Spring Nights . . .

The garden has been dug and the seeds have been started.  Son number one and his beautiful girlfriend came up with this seed chart which I thought was a great idea.  I just hope there's enough room in the garden for all of these different plants!!  : )

We've discovered just how small Megan's bike AND her skirts are this year.  We haven't gone warm weather clothes shopping yet but she did get a pretty new bike after I took this photo.  Thank you Mimi and Grandpop in Florida!!!  XOXOXOXOXO

This boy is busy being lazy.  : )

Spending time with family.

My beautiful sister in law Michele, my middle son Trevor, handsome nephews Andre and Jason and Megan. 

Finnegan is busy being lazy too.  He's been hanging out on the boat since we moved it to our driveway from my sister's house. 

Stretching before he comes to pose for me. 

I just love this baby!!

A lazy spring night spent under the tent.  It was the first night that it was warm enough to be outside without a jacket. 

We were able to view the beautiful "pink" moon.  It wasn't pink but beautiful nonetheless.

That bright dot to the right of the tree is Pluto.  Such a beautiful sight!!

Nephew Jason thru the dining room window.  He was being lit up by his tablet and I thought it would make a cool photo.  : )

Even though my daughter looks like a zombie in this photo, I love it.  Jakhai's smile is priceless!!!

I'll be grocery shopping later today for Easter Sunday.  Tomorrow we have an Easter egg hunt in town at 10 am that I'll be taking Megan to.  Jakhai has decided to go home before Easter this year so I'll be driving into Manhattan tomorrow as well.  It's supposed to be a nice day so I don't mind the trip.  Jim is working all weekend which stinks, but we do what we have to do and count our blessings while doing it.  : )

Happy Friday!! ~ Wendy xo


Luna Crone said...

Awwwwwwww, such cute, cute photos!!!! Memories made. And now, kept. Due to your camera.

Nope that moon wasn't really pink, just the color of the flowers, which bloomed around this time of month.

Outside, on a spring night. Lovely!!

Btw, could you please switch your Comment Setting, to Pop Up? We can not see your whole post, pictures and words and all, when we are commenting.... With your present Comment Setting. But if you use Pop Up, we can. The Comment Box shows up, right under your post, with Pop Up.

Maybe I am the only one, but.... I really like to scroll back up, and see things, while I am commenting. I can't remember everything, you posted about, without being able to do so.

Hope you won't be upset, with my asking. :-)

Gentle spring hugs,
Luna Crone

peppylady (Dora) said...

Hello and found your blog though Judy. Your spring looks more liviley then mind. If you find the time stop in for a cup of coffee

Judy said...

Isn't it just the very best time of year?

Luna Crone said...

April 15

Re: The lovely comment you make, on my "Ladies Of A Certain Age" post.

I again tried to reply to you, in private email, but it came back, as un-deliverable. So I will copy and paste it here, below.

"Your hair and your glasses are just so stylish. You are what I aspire to be when I'm in my 80's!!"

Oh wow, what a wonderful thing to say. How "perky" you make this "Lady of a Certain Age" feel...!!!

Thank you! You are very sweet.

Many gentle hugs, and Happy Easter,
Luna Crone

sage and spirit said...

Don't you just love the warm spring nights? If only it could stay that way all summer long.

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