A Very Good Day . . .

It's been rainy and grey and quite cool here in New York these last few days.  Those of you who know me know that this is my favorite kind of weather.  I may have mentioned in one (or five) previous posts that I believe I must've lived in England or Ireland in at least one of my past lives! : )  I've always been drawn to all things European, especially those two countries.  I visited Ireland years ago but haven't been to England yet.  For now, I'll dream as I look out my window at the grey skies and threatening rain clouds.  Also, when I check in with my favorite bloggers who lately seem to all live across the pond.  : )

Do you see the heart?  : )

There was a break in the weather on Saturday, though.  Megan played her last lacrosse game of the season.  She has her season ending pizza party tomorrow at 5:00 with her team.  That reminds me that I have to pick up juice boxes.  : )

A little in-between-games snack.

My honey on the sidelines.

That's a wrap!!!

After the games ended (they played five 20 minute games all together) we headed home.  I'm not familiar with the area and ended up taking  a different route then before.

Then this happened . . .

Are they . .??  No, they can't be!!!  YES THEY ARE!!!! . . .

CAMELS!!!  And lots of them!!!  Well, that's a first for me!!!  LOL!! 

This guy was in a field by himself on the other side of the road.  He was probably the trouble maker of the group and needed a little time out.  He definitely wasn't camera shy either!!

Closer to home, we couldn't go by this little roadside stand without stopping and grabbing some ice cream.  It's never a bad time for ice cream in our world!!

All in all, it was a wonderful day.  Blue skies, lacrosse, camels and ice cream.  Not too shabby!!  : )

Happy Tuesday!! ~ Wendy  xo


Luna Crone said...

"rainy and grey and quite cool" "this is my favorite kind of weather"

I did not know this!!!! Good for you! It is being a fantastic Spring for you!!!

I was just complaining to/with my husband, about IT. And how IT is making our planted flowers droop. Hope they last, till we get some sun. ,-)))

My ancestors came from Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Belgium. Cool-ish temps. And I figure that's why I couldn't stand 3 winter months, in FL!!!! And why I totally wilt in heat/humidity. ---- But too long, with gray skies, gets me down. I do admit that.

I am very, very happy to know someone, who loves this weather. Makes it easier to take, to know someone is enjoying it.

Gentle hugs, Luna Crone

Luna Crone said...

Camels!!!! In NYS!!! What ever do they raise them for?

They don't make yarn, to knit, from camel "hair" do they?

I doubt they are raised to be pets.

And never heard of camel races, in our country.


That leaves about one possibility....

Mmmmm, did anyone (knowingly) ever eat camel steak?


Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

You would love the weather here in Yorkshire at the moment, it's been relentless today. Wow for the camels xx

Judy said...

My ancestor's come from the northern part of Germany--blue eyed, fair skin, blonds. The heat and humidity make me ill. Gray and windy here for 2 days and kind of cold--with the breeze. I love it though.

mamasmercantile said...

Here on this little Island we had horizontal rain over the weekend, finally it is bright, dry and dare I say it a little sunny...The camels certainly brightened my day.

sage and spirit said...

Even though I'm currently in the desert, I LOVE rain and grey skies. My ancestors are German and Flemish....maybe that's where the part of me that loves cooler weather comes from.
I'm glad we're all getting a break from the relentless heat of last summer.
How close did you get to the camels? (I've heard they can be mean.)

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Aw! A gal after my own heart....loving the rain and cool weather here in western WA state! My ancestor's are Irish and Scots, so it is in my blood, too. I wilt in the heat.....Cute photos of your girl on the playing field. She looks in her element, for sure. The camels made me laugh. They look so out of place, but very happy in all the green. I signed up for your other blog, but forgot to save the link and now I am not 'allowed' back in. Will you be giving notice through email when you've done a post? I am totally clue-less for not saving it. I love the vintage-looking ice-cream stand. xx Karen