It's Been a Very Long Day . . .

Contrary to what the time says at the bottom of this post, it's almost 8 pm and I, for one, am ready for this day to come to a close. My friend, Kim, and I both felt this strange energy/anxiety today. I had an argument with my oldest son today. My husband hung up on me (he was having a bad day and I didn't take it personally) and my uncle passed today. I went to his house to see my aunt when I found out. They had to have been married for close to 60 years. They were always together. I was the only one in the room that knew exactly what she was feeling. It's like being part of a club that no one would join intentionally. The red, swollen, distant eyes. The thoughts of how you're going to ever be able to get thru this. The feelings of loneliness no matter how many people are in a room with you. I remember about three weeks after John passed, I attended my middle guy's winter concert in elementary school. There had to be about two hundred people there and yet I never felt so alone in my life. People looking and whispering. It's definitely a couples' world out there. I was young and went on to meet someone else. I can't imagine that my aunt would ever want to meet another man. So much history there. My uncle was a good man. He didn't say much but always had a smile. He and my aunt raised five wonderful kids and have 16 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. He was a math teacher which always amazed me. Wanamakers are known for their extremely poor math skills. I know all you Wanamakers are shaking your heads right now!! It's kind of like the family joke. My parents would be thrilled if I came home with a "D" because it meant I had passed. I don't know if "thrilled" is the right word. Maybe more like relieved. So, Uncle Wilbur, give my father and grandparents, John, Gary, Uncle Charlie and all the rest of the clan a big hug and a kiss. I'm sure they're showing you around Heaven as I type this. God speed.

Now for a Stephanie Update. She had her 4th round of chemo today and, as usual, she feels like crap right after and for most of the next day. I haven't spoken with her in a couple of days because she went to Lake George for the Firemens' Convention. I don't remember if I had written about that previously or not. I'll give her a call later on tomorrow afternoon and see how her weekend was. She has a couple of surgeries coming up that are going to be pretty big for her so please continue the prayers. I don't like to go into great detail about things here but please feel free to contact me if you want to hear any specifics. Like I tell everybody who tells me that they were afraid to ask me how she is doing ~ I'd much rather people know the real story than have rumors flying around. She is doing phenominally well mentally and physically. Like I said, please continue the prayers. They are definitely being heard.

Many blessings ~ Wendy