The Passing of a Hero . . .

I was very saddened today when I read in the paper that Billy Harris had passed away. I did not know him personally but have seen him several times at various functions and certainly have read about him numerous times over the years in the newspaper. He was a huge presence during the clean up of the World Trade Center attacks. He spent countless hours, along with his workers, selflessly giving his time, equipment and anything else that he could give. In the end, he gave his life. The article said that he died of a heart attack and that his body had deteriorated over the last seven years due to Mercury poisoning. He leaves behind a wife, a son and two daughters. I am sure that he was greeted by all of the other heroes of that day and will be there to welcome the many that will join those angels. The many that, too, will succumb to illness brought on by the aftermath of September 11th. As I said, I did not know Billy Harris personally but I'm sure, even knowing what the outcome of his acts of heroism would eventually bring him, he wouldn't have done anything differently. God speed, fine sir. God speed.

Many Blessings ~ Wendy

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Kathy said...

It's so sad that someone else has died because of the 9/11. I hope that he rests in peace.