Turning It Over . . .

Today I met one of my lifelong friends for lunch. She has been having a really tough time in her life for a while now. She is a recovering addict. She pulled herself out of the depths of addiction a lot of years ago, at this point. She owns her own home and is the most independent woman I know. When my first husband passed away, she was my inspiration for getting the things done around our home that John used to do. He paid the bills. He cut the grass and trimmed the bushes. He brought the garbage out. He replaced things that needed replacing. Suddenly, that all fell on me. I thought of my friend who has always done everything for herself. She is an amazing woman. But, as they say, "once an addict, always an addict" and another addiction crept up behind her. Thankfully, not the same one as years ago but another addiction that took her to a very dark place. Thankfully, she is reaching out to those who love her and a Program that has helped many of us in the past. I pray that she continues to take care of herself. So many people love her. Now she's taking the time to love herself. One day at a time.

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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