Words to Live By Part I . . .

I recently read these words in a magazine and thought I'd share some of them. These are thoughts on "Whole Living."

Give yourself time to consider what you most want to contribute to the world.

Worth doesn't begin and end with a bank account. Appreciate your true abundance.

Skin is a living, breathing organ. Select your beauty products wisely.

The earth's future and our own are linked. Live in a way that supports both.

Better eating starts with small, positive steps.

Very simple words to live by yet so very profound. I found that every one of those thoughts made me really think about how I live my life. Tomorrow I will post the other five thoughts. I think I'm going to put these on my refrigerator which is where I have lots of quotes and positive affirmations. Dirty cartoons, too. : )

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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