Moving in a New Direction . . .

Yes, it's me. I have been wanting to start blogging (yet again!!) but have been the great procrastinator that I've been known to be. Those of you that have that defect in character know how time consuming being a procrastinator is. You have these constant conversations in your head that begin with wonderful ideas and then end several minutes later with "I'll get back to that idea later." And you're quickly onto the next idea or thought. Before you know it, it's been another one or two months since you've blogged about anything!!

So now I've been pretty much thrust back into the blogging world by way of this wonderful new Etsy group that I've joined called the EtsyGreetingsTeam. YAY ETSYGREETINGSTEAM!!! This is a oh-so-incredibly-creative group of men and women who love to create handmade greeting cards. I was accepted as a member a couple of weeks ago and, for the next ten days (actually nine now, as it started yesterday and I procrastinated writing about it here until today)I am participating in my first Team Challenge. I will be listing one greeting card, made by me, every day for the next ten days. I will also be offering a 10% discount on every handmade card in my Etsy shop. So go and check them out at http://www.crickleberrycottage.etsy.com/. While you're at it, please visit the other members of the EtsyGreetingsTeam that are participating as well. You won't be disappointed, that's for sure!!

Many Blessings ~ Wendy

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