Valentine's Day Just a Few Days Late . . .

This year, our friends Susan and Anthony invited us all to their house to celebrate Valentine's Day. How many people can say they had the "Valentine/McDonagh" family to their house on V Day?!!? You would think the invitations would be stacked up on the dining room table, wouldn't you?!!?

As usual, the food and the company were wonderful.

Susan has been my friend since first grade and is also my friend who could give Martha Stewart herself a run for her money. Her home is impeccable yet you feel comfortable enough to put your feet on her coffee table. That, to me, is the ultimate compliment. She and I always joke about going on the show "Wife Swap" so her husband would appreciate all that she does more. I'm sure my husband would jump at the chance to be married to someone like her for a week. I'm not known for my impeccable housekeeping skills and having dinner on the table every nite. Oh well. He sticks around anyway so I must be doing something right. :)

I didn't tell the men (hubby and sons) that we'd be having chocolate fondue for dessert. To say it was the hi-lite of their visit would be a gross under statement!! They are all firm believers that you could dip pretty much anything in chocolate and it would be the best thing they ever ate.

Thankfully, there were just yummy things and Susan opted out of the bugs and worms. BLAH!!!!

This is Susan and Anthony's son, Garrett. He has the most gorgeous eyelashes and hair you ever saw. Why do the boys always make out in that department!! :)

This is their daughter, Sofia. She is in kindergarten and makes me truly look forward to having a daughter!! I know my hubby feels the same way about her!!!!!

What a bunch of happy faces!!!!!!

I have to add that Anthony can cook homemade pasta and sauce for us any day of the week!!!! Definitely Food Network worthy!!!!

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

looks like everyone had fun...glad to see you are back.missed ya.;)

Lynn Richards said...

yummmy! makes me hungry for chocolate!!

Wee Cute Treasures said...

Such happy faces. They all make my smile. Glad you like the little pink gnome! Big hug, Carol x