I Couldn't Stay Away Any Longer . . .

My sister in law told me last nite that I haven't blogged since right after Valentine's Day. This is the first time I've even visited my blog in weeks. I used to be obsessed with seeing how many visitors I had every day. My mind has been preoccupied this last month. So much has happened . . .

My mother in law passed away on March 2nd. It was a blessing. I went to see her in the nursing home the week before she passed and all I could do was hold her hand the whole time I was there. She slept most of the time and was only able to say a few words to me. Her funeral was beautiful and I know that she was at peace being with her son who was my first husband. A part of her died when her son died. How could it not. My father in law and brother in law are doing well. My brother in law is mentally retarded and lives in a group home about a mile from my house. It was the best thing they ever could've done for him. He's flourished since moving there four years ago. When he was a young boy my in-laws were told he wouldn't live past the age of seven or eight. He'll be 39 in May. How ironic that he is still here but his brother and mother aren't. You just never know, do you?

I'm now in my eighth month of pregnancy and am doing really well. I've only gained four lbs. which definitely makes a difference. I have more than a few extra lbs. on my body to begin with so the doctors are pleased. My c-section is scheduled for May 17th at 8 am. My youngest son, Brendan, came a few days before my scheduled section so there's a chance that could happen again. We've been told we're having a girl but I don't think I'll totally believe it until I see her in person. After three boys, that's definitely hard to fathom. Hopefully, the sonogram techs are correct because we have no idea what we would name a baby boy at this point. We've decided on Megan Grace for a girl. I've always loved the name Megan and my husband loves it, too.

We've had several 3-D sonos and I thought it would be fun to share the pics. It may take a minute to see what it is you're looking at but, once you figure it out, it is quite amazing compared to your regular sonograms.

Miss Megan Grace

Megan trying to find her thumb . . .

She almost has it . . .

Good job, Miss Meggie !!

I told you they were much better than your regular old sono pics !!

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Connie said...

Glad you're back, sugar! That sweet thing looks adorable already. We just saw our great granddaughter's face and we could tell she's looking like here papa! It is exciting. Take care and good luck with a baby girl.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Look at your little miss!
How great to hear all is going well.
It is lovely to know you were a Part of your MIL life right up to her passing.
Look after yourself.

JGH said...

Wow you are 8 months along already!? That means just a few more weeks!! You must be thrilled. Very cool to see the sono, too.

My daughter was a thumb sucker- she was born with her little fist held up by her ear. I always wonder if it's because she was trying to find her thumb in utero.

Enjoy this precious time. The circle of life....

cindy said...

I wondered where you had been! I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. Always hard to lose a loved one. And Miss Meggie ....how amazing is that? I know you can't wait!

yapping cat

Kathy said...

So glad to see you back. I'm sorry to hear about your MIL but happy that she is with John. I love the picture of Miss Megan sucking her thumb. Miss you. xoxo


Lynn Richards said...

Oh, Wendy!!! What a time for you. Death and promise of a new birth all at once....so much. So sorry to to hear about your mother in law, but how wonderful that you were able to be with her.
The sonogram pics are aMAzing....just so cool!!!!
Glad you are back.
love, lynn

Beth said...

I've never had one of these done, this is amazing!! Congrats and I love the name, so sweet!