Fun, Fun, Fun . . .

It's been a fun-filled couple of days around here. My hubby started it off with a fever and a God-awful cough on Easter. Son #2 soon followed. After pumping them both up with assorted meds, we were able to make it to a wonderful Easter dinner that we shared with assorted family members. For the last few years, I've cooked Easter dinner. This year I just wasn't in the mood. It could be that I'm going to be giving birth in six weeks and my back just ain't what it used to be. : )

At the dinner table, my mother commented several times about how pale my father in law looked. He's from Ireland but tans like no other Irishman I know. I told her it was just because he hasn't been outside working in the yard much since my mother in law passed away last month. I should've known that my mother's observation was more than just lack of sun. She's very intuitive when it comes to medical stuff. Sure enough, at 12:30 last nite, my father in law called to tell us that he was experiencing pain in his arm and his back and some shortness of breath and was going to call an ambulance. He lives alone and I can't imagine the fear he must've been experiencing. He has a strong history of cardiac problems and has been telling his doctors for the last month that he hasn't been feeling like himself. We all kind of chalked it up to stress. Long story short, some of his bloodwork came back indicative of a very mild heart attack. My husband, in the midst of his not feeling well (thankfully no fever since yesterday) drove to the hospital as soon as we got the call and sat with him until after 8:00 this morning. I dare anyone to tell me my hubby isn't heaven sent. He has embraced my first husband's family as if they were his own and I can't tell you how important that is to me.

As I type this, my father in law is resting comfortably in the hospital and is scheduled for an angiogram tomorrow morning. We should hear what's going on with him by the afternoon. My husband went to the doctor today and has been diagnosed with the flu and severe bronchitis and was sent home with three prescriptions. Son #2 went back to school today. He still has a bit of a cough but is 100 percent better than he was a couple of days ago. I've been holding my own and praying I don't catch any of the sickness in this house. I have started with a cough today but I think it's more of an allergy/post nasal drip thing. Is that TMI? Coughing and pregnancy are not a good combo when you feel like you're bladder is full all the time!!

I'll keep you posted on my father in law. Say a prayer. : )

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Connie said...

My goodness, sweetpea, you need blessings and prayers, but if your hubby is that kind of man you are tripled blessed. Here's praying that he gets better soon, sugar.

cindy said...

Will do on the prayer. And how very fornunate that you all were able to get him in so fast. Keep us posted!

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Lynn Richards said...

Oh, Wendy!! Many prayers for you and your sweet family.
love, lynn