Packing . . .

Today is a day filled with laundry, packing and list making (so I don't forget to pack something!!).  Tomorrow we are headed out for a quick trip to Washington, D.C.  Two nights, three days.  Just enough time to take in the Smithsonian, Air and Space Museum, The White House, several monuments and the Vietnam Veterans' Wall.  I visited D.C. years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest son who is now almost 20.  GULP!!  I can't believe I just typed that!!!  My first husband and I actually were visiting Virginia but planned a quick stop in D.C. just to see the Veterans' Wall.  He and I had worn POW/MIA bracelets for years and wanted to see the names of the soldiers on our bracelets in person.  I can't begin to tell you what a moving experience that was.  My father was a Vietnam Vet and has since passed and I know it's going to be even more emotional for me this time around.

Photo taken from Google Images.
So, yes, we are heading out tomorrow with five kids in tow!!  Connor is staying home to keep things in check around here but we are bringing our niece and nephew along with us.  I have such good memories of hanging out with my cousins when I was a kid and I want our kids to have the same. 

In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos I took yesterday of three drown rats that got caught in yet another rainstorm.  We've been hammered with rain lately!!

The rain on the walkway right outside my crafting studio door.
Brendan, our neighbor Miles and my niece Annie after being caught in the deluge.  I took these thru my crafting room window.  They're under a tent that we have set up in the backyard. 

Recognize the towel??  That thing really gets around, doesn't it??!!  : )

Cousins and best of friends, Brendan and Annie.
Raindrops and blue skies!! 

I'll be back in a couple of days with lots of photos!!

Many blessings for a wonderful rest of your week ~ Wendy


Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom said...

Even though the trip may be emotional, I hope you have a lovely time... enjoy yourself!

Love the pictures by the way!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

I'm sure you've had a wonderful trip.
Great photographs of the kids.
PS: I'm looking for a place I can subscribe to your blog by email.