"Mommy, when is the rain gonna stop?" . . .

The other day, after three days of almost 100 degree heat and humidity, the weather finally broke but not before some much needed rain.  It got so dark at 4:00 in the afternoon that the street light came on.

And then the heavens opened up!!!  This is a view from my front window looking across at my neighbor's house.  That is his porch light on that you can just make out through the sheets of water.

My window box flowers were very happy . . .

but Megan wasn't!!  "Mommy.  No rain! Yucky!"

Brady looking out the front window.

Sparky looking out the front window.

Mr. Bigglesworth looking out the front window.

And, just as the day was getting ready to end, the sun came out . . .

and Megan was happy again!!!

The End.   : )

Many blessings for a happy and sunny Monday ~ Wendy

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