Sunday Sayings . . .

"  If we don't ever take chances, we won't reach the rainbows.
       If we don't ever search, we'll never be able to find.
   If we don't attempt to get over our doubts and fears, 
       we'll never discover how wonderful it is to live without them.
   If we don't go beyond difficulty, we won't grow any stronger.
       If we don't keep our dreams alive, we'll wake up one day
       and find that something else has taken their place . . .
       and we won't have our dreams any longer.  "

Many blessings for a dream-filled Sunday ~ Wendy

Taken from "100 Things to Remember . . .  and One Thing to Never Forget"  by Douglas Pagels.
Image by Declan O'Doherty.

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koralee said...

sending you ooodles of blessings...thank you for your sweet comment you left me on my blog the other day..hope your weather has cooled down a bit. xox