Pass the Antibiotics Please!! . . .

I've been feeling pretty crummy for the last couple of days.  Coughing, aches and pains, low grade fever, sore throat.  I thought for sure I had acquired my husband's strep throat but the doctor said it's just bronchitis.  He wrote a prescription for a z-pack and I was on my merry way.  I always wait a little bit longer than I probably should to run to the doctor.  I believe our bodies have immune systems for a reason and we need to rely on them a lot more than so many people do.  I think the reason antibiotics work so quickly for me is because I haven't built up much of a resistance to them.  Neither have my kids for that matter.  And, thankfully, they're not sick very often either.  : )

The union members of the company that my husband works for have been on strike for a little over a week now with no end in sight.  He works for Con Ed in Manhattan and is part of management.  He's been remanded to work 7 nights a week.  This means he works all night and sleeps all day.  We do get to see him a little bit in the morning when he comes home and a little bit when he wakes up.  I can feel myself getting back into "single mom mode" a little more each day that the strike goes on.  Other then not feeling well and starting to miss my husband sleeping next to me at night things are going well.  It looks like this strike may carry on thru the summer so we're digging our heels in and taking it one day at a time.  The "7 nights a week" schedule isn't going to last forever and God knows we could use the extra money to finish up all of the unfinished projects around the house.  Yes, indeed!!  : )

July 7th ~ garden by wendy0112
July 7th ~ garden, a photo by wendy0112 on Flickr.

 Many blessings for a Zen-like Tuesday ~ Wendy


Natasha Burns said...

Hi Wendy,
Sorry you've been feeling so crummy lately :(((

I left you a reply on my blog to your comment but realised you probably won't see it so I'll copy and paste it here for you! Thanks for your input!! Natasha x

Hi Wendy,
I completely agree with you - hence my love-hate relationship with watermarking. I also didn't like the three stamps across my pics, which is why I had a designer create a pretty one that I would only need to stamp once. Unfortunately, I can't just pop it in the corner of a photo, because, as I showed in one of my examples in my post, my watermark was cropped out (and interestingly it was a watermark that was close to the middle of the photo!) Sad, very sad, that it has to be done, and that I have no choice, because of the lack of creativity, honesty and integrity that is out there :(

Gina said...

Hi wendy. I hope you are starting to feel a little better by now. It must be hard having your husband working night shift although in sure the extra money in the pay packets will be welcome. Take care of yourself. G