Trevor is 16 . . .

Yesterday, we celebrated our beautiful son Trevor's 16th birthday with some family and a few of his closest friends in our back yard.  

You can't go wrong with a Carvel ice cream cake in the middle of August!!  : )

I had to make the boys come out of the pool to sing "Happy Birthday" which is why Trevor looks like he's wearing a halter top!!  : )

Cousins in the bouncy castle.

Trevor's Pap.

My husband and my beautiful sister-in-law.  Don't worry, Michele!!  You can't tell you have a carrot in your mouth!!  : )

My nephew Tristan and my sister, Cindy.  Can you tell she doesn't like having her picture taken??  : )

All the boys who spend as much time at my house as my own kids do!!! 

My incredibly handsome son, Trevor.

Would someone please tell me where the time goes???????

Many blessings for a happy Tuesday ~ Wendy

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