Lots of Photos!!! . . .

Last week, we took a much needed family vacation to New Hampshire.  With Jim's company being on strike for almost a month of the summer, we were looking forward to fun in the sun (well, maybe not me.  I don't like the sun very much, truth be told!!)  and finally getting my Dad's boat back in the water. 

This is where we stayed.  We rented three cottages on Lake Winnipesaukee.  One for Jim, Megan and I.  Another for my sister and her boyfriend and two of their kids.  The third was where all the boys slept. 

Megan and Jakhai (our "adopted" son who was brought into our lives thru the Fresh Air Fund and who is now a semi-permanent member of our family.  I keep trying to talk his mom and dad into letting him live with us all year 'round but for some reason they just won't give in!!  LOL!! )  They're hanging out with Charlie.  That's what the kids named the plastic guy.  : )

Keeping cool with ice pops on a hot New Hampshire nite.

Annie and Brendan.  Cousins born a month apart who adore each other. 

Brendan hiding under the lake dock, trying to avoid the wrath of my lens. 

Muddy handprints left on the dock.

I'm not touching you!!  I'm not touching you!! 

Meggie on the beach.

Annie deep in thought.



Julia on the boat.

Julia, Brendan and Annie tubing in Lake Winnipesaukee. 

My sister, Cindy,  braving the tube with the girls.

Coming in from a spin around the lake.

A beautiful New Hampshire sky.

The muck at the bottom of the lake dried into clay.  My nephew Tristan decided to give himself a facial with it.  : )

Our oldest son, Connor, came to NH for a couple of days and the guys decided to go fishing early one morning.  Unfortunately, all they caught was seaweed!!

Megan, Annie and Julia.

Jakhai playing in the sand.

All aboard!!

It's nice to be blogging again!!  More photos of our vacation tomorrow.

Many blessings for a happy Tuesday ~ Wendy


Jenna said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I bet it is nice for your kids to have dad back for the month. Enjoy your time!

Anonymous said...

your blog is lovely. I love all the photos.