Greetings from Lake Winnipesaukee!! . . .

Here are some of my favorite photos taken while on the lake . . .

I seriously don't think I'd ever leave here.  Except to maybe go grocery shopping once in a while.  There's only so much fish I can eat.  : )

Can you even imagine???? 

This one reminded me of a lake front fortress.  Definitely not my taste but very interesting to look at.

Absolutely gorgeous!!  My second favorite.

A tour boat.

My favorite house on the lake!!! 

Some lake loons.  It was hard to get a pic of them.  They kept popping their heads in and out of the water!!  : )

And this is why they wear life jackets!!!

Lots of little cottages and bungalows dotted the shores of the lake.  They have such a vintage feel to them.  It's so wonderful!!

A convenient store for boaters.  Of course, the kids had to stop there for candy almost every time they were on the boat!!

Next week, I'll post pictures of our trip to the top of Mount Washington.  Some scary stuff if you're afraid of heights!!!!!!!

Many blessings for a wonderful weekend ~ Wendy


Melissa said...

Popping by via Soulemama. I have to say that it really does look like a wonderful vacation spot. Have a great weekend!

momto5 said...

those cottages by the lake were totally sweet. i would love one of those.
great photos from your trip. :)