The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy . . .

 Last week, our area was hit by Hurricane Sandy.  We are located 20 miles north of Manhattan and are inland.  The water damage for us was minimal but the wind damage was pretty severe.  We were without power for several days and some of our neighbors are still without power.  I drove around the area to look at the damage and was so saddened by what I saw.
A home in South Nyack, NY.

This tree actually fell between two houses with only some branches landing on the homes.  So very, very lucky. 

What's left of someone's sailboat in Piermont, NY.

These boats washed up onto the road from the Hudson River.  They had to go thru people's yards and homes to get there. 
All of these boat photos were taken in Piermont, NY.  This is a tiny village on the Hudson River about 15 miles north of Manhattan.  It was hammered by Hurricane Sandy and many homes and businesses were severely damaged by wind and the storm surge .  Some of these businesses have been around for years and were hanging on by a thread due to the economy to begin with.  Many will never re-open. 
This boat is in the side yard of someone's home that is on the Hudson River.  The back of this home was completely lost.  You could see a gaping hole where the walls once were.  Below is their front door.
This is a part of someone's fence up in the power lines.  I couldn't believe this when I saw it!!

What's left of our mailboxes after part of my neighbor's tree came down on them.  I had actually taken mine off of the mailbox holder the day before the storm because it was very loose to begin with and I didn't want it to blow away.  It didn't cross my mind that it might be crushed by tree limbs!!

My neighbor's tree fell across their cars but surprisingly they weren't damaged. 

We were all so blessed in our neighborhood to make it thru the storm with minimal damage compared to our surrounding areas.  The New Jersey shore line will never be the same.  Countless lives were lost in New York, New Jersey and even in the county where I live.  I thank God for all of my blessings.  I have my children, my husband, my warm home, food in my refrigerator and gas in my tank.  Last night, I went out to purchase socks and cleaning supplies to be loaded onto a truck on Friday that will journey to some of the hardest hit areas of New Jersey, Long Island and Staten Island, NY.  These people have nothing.  NOTHING.  It breaks my heart to even type this.  Please, if you can, reach out and make a donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief effort.  Every little bit helps!!

Many blessings to you ~ Wendy


steph said...

Wendy---these photos are far more telling than the newscasts we've seen. So glad you all are safe---so happy to have found your blog space.

Anonymous said...

Wow - these pictures really are sobering. Glad you and your family are safe!

Jonathan Carroll said...

Hurricane Sandy is a pretty sobering reminder of what nature can do, as well as the extent in which it can unleash itself on things, both organic and man-made. I can imagine the power lines being pulled down and how it left a wreck. Hopefully, the blackouts didn't stay long, and the power company trucks arrived in time to fix all those. Take care!

Jonathan Carroll @ Utility Fleet

Sharon said...

The devastation this calamity has left is surely heartbreaking! Too many lives and possessions were lost. Although we could hope that a disaster of this magnitude might never happen again, we know we there are no guarantees for that. And so, the best we could do about this is to prepare our homes by utilizing preventive methods that will lessen the effect of those natural disasters to our home.

Sharon Strock @ StormChamber®