A Wet But Wonderful Day!! . . .

Megan's birthday party was a wet and chilly one.  I prayed to the weather Goddesses but I guess they were busy with more important things.  : )   My wonderful husband and son built a tent city in our backyard and we made the most of it. 

All of her little friends from daycare came.  The beauty of two and three year olds, give or take, is that they are thrilled with sandboxes and bouncy castles and love to play in water.  So we had the perfect combination for a great party!!

Friends in the sandbox.
Meggie's adorable friend, Robby.  I secretly hope they get married some day.  : )
A soggy Frasier in the sandbox.
Megan with Daddy and her new bff, Cebele.

 We also had very layed back parents at her party which was a true blessing because the kids decided to make a beach, complete with sand and water, on our patio . . .

 and some of our little party guests REALLY enjoyed playing with the sand.  LOL!!! 

Remember her??  Strawberry Shortcake is one of Meggie's favorites.  : )
I think the big kids had as much fun in the bouncy castle as the little ones did!!

 When it was time for the birthday cake, everyone gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday" and in true Megan fashion she sang to herself.  Louder than anyone else!!

A very happy little three year old!!
 After cake, all of our cold and wet and HAPPY guests left and we went inside to warm up, dry off and open presents with my family that had wimped out and stayed in the house all day. This actually worked out well because my mother and sister took control of the kitchen and the food and I was able to sit and talk with our guests for a change.  You know how it is when you throw a party.  You rarely get a chance to even sit down!!

Megan's new Strawberry Shortcake party dress.  Thank you to my friend Saskia and her son Malcolm!!  She ADORES it!!

In spite of the weather, it was a beautiful day filled with friends and family and wonderful new memories.  Now, if I could just wrap my head around the fact that my baby girl is three!!!!!!  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful and safe Memorial Day ~ Wendy

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