Memories of a Warmer Day . . .

Last September, my friend Ophie and I took our girls to a little town called Cold Spring, NY.  It's such a pretty place to visit.  Lots of little antique shops, cafes (don't know how to put that little thingy over the "e" on my keyboard!!) and a real "Main Street U.S.A." feel to it.  Everything is nestled all on one hill so you can walk down one side of the road and back up the other side ~ or vice versa.  : )

Cybele and Megan. 

We ate lunch at a little restaurant at the bottom of hill.  It's a great place to take kids because there's a train that runs right in front of it every fifteen minutes or so.  Once you get over the initial noise of it, it's really great for the kids to see.  Plus there's a lot of open space outside for the antsy toddlers to walk around in so you can actually enjoy a meal without having to constantly tell them to sit down.  Always a plus in my book!!  : )

Umbrellas at the restaurant.

After lunch, we wandered around town and "ooo"ed and "ahhh"ed over all of the shops and pretty touches that really make downtown Cold Spring so special.

Cybele and her beautiful mom, Ophie.
Some of the best homemade popsicles  you'll ever have!!!!  YUM!!!
All that walking makes a girl tired!!!  : )
It was a beautiful day spent with wonderful friends and we're looking forward to returning when the weather warms up and all of this snow melts.  Considering we have close to three feet of it, it might be a while!!! : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Thursday ~ Wendy


Pieni Unelma said...

Wendy, I found your blog you were visiting mine. Wow, beautiful photos !!!! You are such a great photographer.

We will hear again, Kirsi From Finland

mamasmercantile said...

What a beautiful place to visit, those gnomes really made me smile. Spring hopefully is on its way.

sage and spirit said...

Those are some great photos and beautiful memories!
I just love those little towns, so full of character. Looks like a wonderful place to visit! xx

JoAnne Weisser said...

I love charming little towns like that too. Looks like you had a wonderful day. The little girls are so cute!

PatsyAnne said...

Wendy - I LIVE there - did you see the little toy store across from the Village Hall? There is a café (Cuppachino) with two little tables outside? I live right next door - in a duplex up over the toy store. Right on Main Street. It is a magical place to live - we have a Halloween parade that is the best - all the little (and big) people form a "parade" up at the top of the hill and all walk down to the River (through the railroad underpass) and go to the edge of the Hudson. Christmas after Santa has breakfast at the firehouse two blocks down Main Street from the light, he goes up to the Library to meet with all the children - then is carried down Main Street on a firetruck with all the sirens going - they go down the hill followed by all the families and children - to the edge of the Hudson River - to the gabezo there - where a big decorated live Christmas tree is lit by Santa at dusk. Then there is a great celebration with lots of nummies and hot chocolate and carols and fun. Living in this tiny village is amazing!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

You were my incentive for finally posting about our wonderful day there, PatsyAnne!!! I know exactly where you live!! It's such a small world!! Maybe we could meet the next time we visit Cold Spring. It would be so nice to meet in person!! I think you should start a blog about your beautiful little town. Did you ever think of doing that?? There are so many incredible photo opps around you!! : ) Have a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend. It looks like the big thaw is starting before spring. Yuck!! : )

~ Wendy xoxo