More of the White Stuff and a Sunday Saying . . .

We've been bombarded with snow, snow and more snow this last week.  The kids were off Thursday and Friday for yet another double snow day which means they will have to make some time up probably for spring break.  They are also off this coming week for mid-winter recess and we are expecting possibly even more of the dreaded "S" word!!

Our front yard.

Mr. Bigglesworth spying on the birds at the bird feeder.  I pull a chair up to the window for him so he can look out.  I can tell he's totally over this snow.  He goes out the front door and is meowing at the back door five minutes later!!  : )

I took my camera with me yesterday when we ventured out to take Brendan to his basketball game.  On our way there, we drove past the ponds near us.  They are all ice and snow covered.  The green flag is up for ice skating but the latest storm covered up the rink that had been cleared. 

Beautiful red-tipped bushes around the ponds.  They look so pretty with all the white around them!!

This sign is up all year 'round.  : )
When we got to the school where Brendan plays basketball these guys were up on the chimney trying to keep warm.

These are turkey vultures.  Kinda creepy to look at but really amazing creatures.  We have a good amount of them in our town and they seem to have increased in numbers over the last few years. 
Some kind of nest in a bush outside of the entrance to the school.
Today, we meet up with Megan's bff, Cybele, and her mom Ophie to have lunch and to take the girls to Barnes & Noble and to FINALLY visit the new Fairway Market that is now in our area.  I've heard so many great things about it and need some dinner ideas for tonight so I'm looking forward to stopping by there.  I doubt I'll like it as much as my Trader Joe's but we'll see!!!!!!  : )

Now for a Sunday Saying . . .


Probably one of the best quotes I've ever read!!!

Many blessings for a beautiful Sunday and a happy week to come ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Totally agree, what a wonderful quote.

sage and spirit said...

Wow! Every time I see the weather forecast for the northeast I think of you. What a winter you're having!
Love those red bushes with the snow. Beautiful.
Glad to see you're taking the camera with you....there's so much to photograph and I love these snow photos!
And yes, that's the best quote ever. xx

Pieni Unelma said...

You,ve got weatherlike we have here in Finland <3

Just loving snow!!!